Innovative greenhouse ozonator system for pesticide free food

Dedicated to the research and development of innovative and
environmentally friendly technologies in agriculture.


Food producers face EU Green Deal strategies to reduce pesticide use by 50% by 2030. Already producers are struggling with pests during the grow-season. The lack of pesticides can affect food production by up to 70%, so remedial action is needed. Our goal is to provide an agricultural tool that helps control pests in an environmentally friendly way.


Our solution is an smart system for greenhouses that generates and dissolves ozone in water whose purpose is pesticide treatment replacement. The senzor network would monitor internal conditions so that ozone could be applied at specific times and in precisely defined concentrations based on the presence of key pests


To be the link between farmers and science.

Care for the environment and passion for agriculture are the driving force of our team. Synergy of scientific agricultural knowledge and technology makes the magic of our projects.


Our team consists of 3 experts in the field of agricultural science

Helena Virić Gašparić, , M. Sc.

Helena Virić Gašparić, , M. Sc.

Founder & CEO, an assistant at the Faculty of Agriculture

Our team leader is the winner of the prestigious prize “For Women in Science”, awarded by UNESCO and Loreal, as well as the award for young researchers up to 35 years old, awarded by the Faculty of Agriculture. She specialised at the Julius Kuhn Institute (Berlin) and the Institute of Plant Protection (Sarajevo) in the field of analysis of pesticide residues in soils, plants and beneficial organisms, as well as in novel technologies for pest monitoring. Her fields of work are entomology, ecotoxicology and innovative and modern technologies in plant protection.

Assoc. prof. Darija Lemić

Assoc. prof. Darija Lemić

Founder & CSO

One of the youngest winner of the State Award for Science and the Faculty of Agriculture Recognition for Exemplary Work and Contributions to the Profession. She specialised in the field of entomology, phytopharmacy and application of information technologies at Ruđer Bošković Institute and University of Manchester. She is the leader or collaborator of several international and national projects.

Pave Nincevic, B.Sc.

Pave Nincevic, B.Sc.

A graduate student in Phytomedicine and is among the 10% most successful students in the faculty. He actively participates in numerous scientific and professional projects and is a co-author of several professional articles and scientific papers. The team collaborates with experts from interdisciplinary fields (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology), with agricultural producers across the country, NGO’s, with colleagues from chemical and biotechnological industries, and is supported by experts from entrepreneural programmes and AgTech sector.

The project

go green ozonator

Go Green Ozonator relies on the application of ozone as an efficient substitute for pesticides in organic production or as an additive to integrated food production. Ozone applied at the right time and in the right concentration controls pests with high efficacy and minimal costs. It leaves no harmful residues, there is no waiting time for distribution of the product, and no risk for humans, animals and enviroment. It is an efficient tool that helps farmers produce healthy food and increase their market value and competitiveness.

carbon emission

Although agriculture is currently one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions globally, it also has the potential to significantly mitigate climate change through practices that help increase soil carbon sequestration, protect carbon sinks, and reduce their relative intensity.

the green carbon program

The company is currently developing this porgram for farmers to sequestering atmospheric carbon in the soil through environmentally friendly farming practices. The program will include advisory services on reducing pesticides, fertilizers and conservation tillage choices in order to reduce CO2 emissions, increase carbon in the soil and achieve the best financial results. News and updates on the project soon.

Competitions & Conferences

Green-Tech Hackathon

Organizers: Britanska ambasada i Algebra LAB, 14 Feb 2021.

Dani otvorenih podataka/Open Data Day

Organizers: udruge Gong i Code for Croatia, suorganizator: TODO, 5 Mar 2021.

RockPaperStartup konferencija i Algebra LAB pitch event

Organizers: Netokracija, konferencijaorganizirana uz podršku Hrvatskog Telekoma i Algebra LAB-a, 20 May 2021.

Student DIGI Award

Organizer: Jutarnji list i europarlamentarac Valter Flego, (prijava u ožujku, pobjeda prema glasovima publike 25.05.

Women in Tech Balkans Summit

Organizer: istoimena međunarodna neprofitna organizacija, 1.07 2021.

AgroArca - međunardoni sajam inovacija u poljoprivredi, prehrambenoj industriji i poljoprivrednoj mehanizaciji

Održano pod pokroviteljstvom: Ministarstva znanosti i obrazovanja, Ministarstva poljoprivrede, supokrovitelj: Hrvatska gospodarska komora, sponzori: HS produkt i TEHNIX d.o.o. suorganizatori: Grad Prelog, Hrvatska zajednica tehničke kulture, IFIA,, 2. – 4.07.)

Startup Europe Regatta 2021

Frane Šesnić inicijator i glavni organizator, 30.09. – 1.10.

Greencajt festival

Organizer: Vinko FIlipić, 1. – 3. 10.

Startup Incubators

ZICER - Zagreb Innovation Center

Duration: Startup Factory, 22.10. – 23.11.2021.


Duration: 5 months, 2 demo days,  11.03. and  7.07.


Duration: 3 weeks, May 

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